Über Tremulationen por Emanuel Swedenborg

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Emanuel Swedenborg (¬ 1688 – 1772) ist der deutschsprachigen Leserschaft bisher fast ausschließlich aufgrund seiner esoterischen bzw. theologischen Schriften bekannt. Nur Wenige wissen, dass er bis in seine späten 50er auch als wissenschafftlicher Universalgelehrter in Europa hoch geschätzt war, wobei er stets die Versöhnung zwischen Naturwissenschaft und Geist suchte. Daher ging er bereits früh von zwei sich einander entsprechenden und stets interagierenden Sphären aus – einer himmlischen und einer irdischen.Um das Wesen und die Interaktion dieser Sphären besser verstehen zu können, hielt Swedenborg das minutiöse Verständnis von Anatomie und Physiologie für essenziell. Sein faszinierendes Frühwerk ‚Über Tremulationen’ belegt dabei, wie er bereits ¬¬ wellenförmige Phänomene unterschiedlichster Ausprägung als Schlüssel zur o.a. Interaktion, jeglicher Sinneswahrnehmung und sogar des Lebens an sich einschätzt. Schlüsselmedien bilden hierbei gespannte Membranen, Knochen, das Blutkrieslauf- und das Nervensystem, sowie das Fließen der Körperflüssigkeiten. Damit begründet Swedenborg ein neues physiologisches Denken, das die Fundamente der Osteopathie, v.a. der Kraniosakralen und Biodynamischen Osteopathie entscheidend prägen sollte.‚Über Tremulation’ basiert auf der englischen Übersetzung ‚On Tremulation’ von C.Th. Odhner aus dem Jahr 1899.

Acerca de Emanuel Swedenborg

Swedenborg’s early life, inventor, public servant ‘Voltaire said that the most extraordinary man in recorded history was Charles XII. I would disagree: the most extraordinary man – if we admit such superlatives – was that mysterious subject of Charles XII, Emanuel Swedenborg’. —Jorge Luis Borges. Emanuel Swedenborg was born in Stockholm, Sweden on the 9th February, 1688. His father was Jesper Swedberg, an army chaplain who was later to become a chaplain to the royal family and then a bishop in the Lutheran Swedish Church. His mother was Sara Behm, who’s family wealth came from mining interests. She was to die when Emanuel was 8 years old, after which his father married again. From the age of eleven Emanuel was educated at Uppsala university, where he studied medicine, astronomy, mathematics, natural sciences, Latin and Greek. We know little about Swedenborg’s childhood. But there’s the suggestion that Jesper’s second wife took a particular shine to him, and Emanauel writes revealingly in a letter to a friend in 1769:’From my fourth year to my tenth year, I was constantly engaged in thought about God, salvation and the spiritual experiences of man. And several times I revealed things at which my father and mother wondered, saying that angels must be speaking through me. From my 6th to my 12th year, I used to delight in conversing with clergymen about faith, saying that the life of faith is love, and that the love which imparts life is the love of neighbour; and that God gives faith to everyone, but that only those who practice love receive it.’ As a young man, he immersed himself in more worldly affairs. He was fascinated by mechanical invention. In drawing up plans for both a submarine and a glider aircraft, he anticipated future discoveries in the manner of Leonardo da Vinci; and throughout his life, he was a man hungry for all sorts of knowledge, always using travel as an opportunity to learn. So in 1711, he writes from London: ‘I also turn my lodgings to some use, and change them often. At first, I was with a watchmaker, afterwards at a cabinet maker’s and now I’m at a mathematical instrument maker’s. From them, I steal their trades, which some day will be of use to me.’ He also learned to make brass instruments and grind glass for lenses.In 1716 he was appointed Assessor of the Royal College of Mines, an important post since the mining industry, both copper and iron, was crucial to the Swedish economy. He held this post for thirty-one years. In 1719 the family was ennobled and took the name ‘Swedenborg’. Emanuel now became a regular contributor in the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament and in the House of Nobles, where he remained active in economic and foreign affairs until shortly before his death.The physical sciences, the search for the soul Swedenborg had another life, however, for alongside mining and public affairs, he showed a genius for the physical sciences, where his range was wide and his insights, many. He speculated, for instance, about the nature of matter and the universe, anticipating the cosmology later formulated by others: that the planets in the solar system originated in the solar mass.He was also intrigued by the human body, and studied its anatomy and physiology in an attempt to discover the seat of the soul. He believed at one point that it might be carried by the blood. Fifty years before the discovery of oxygen by Joseph Priestley, Swedenborg came close to understanding how the lungs purify the blood. He was also ahead of his time in discoveries about both the nervous system and the brain. He studied the formation and function of the nervous system, noting the hierarchical substructures of organs, bundles and single nerve fibres…

Über Tremulationen Emanuel Swedenborg

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Emanuel Swedenborg

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