Neuroplasticity por Jane Hampton

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This combo guide consists of 3 books:Book 1: In this book you can study things like neural networks and the hypothalamus, along with the woman’s brain, here are just a few of the many, many things this book sheds light on. What exactly is a neural network? How does a neural network function? Tips on how to keep your hypothalamus healthy. 6 natural ways to increase its functioning capabilities. Learn the various conditions and their signs that affect the hypothalamus. Learn about treatment, How it relates to BBT limitations. Learn how it affects your physical health and whether or not it is making you fat. The woman’s brain and the health alerts related to it. Whether their brain works better than men’s brains. Along with extra proof on both sides. 3 sexist myths about the brain EXPOSED. How she thinks vs. how he thinks. The various relationship chemistry that resides in a woman’s mind, INCLUDING what to do when she cries.            Don’t wait! Buy this book and gain knowledge about the brain and improve both your physical health, and the health of your relationship.Book 2: Within the pages of this book, you’ll find information on Artificial Intelligence, psychopaths, and split personality disorder. Below you will find some of the many topics discussed within this book. What are the applications of AI? How will it impact the 21st century, along with the Millenials? What situations need to be contemplated when it comes to Artificial Intelligence? How it relates to smart computers, neural networks, and their futures. The meaning behind the word psychopath The mind of a psychopath and the role a conscience plays within. Clear up some of the false myths that surround it. Various treatments and the concerns that come with them. Daily tips for those suffering from this condition Ayurvedic Herbal treatments            This guide contains the answers to these questions and more. Don’t keep yourself in the dark about these important issues.Book 3: The frontal lobe, without it, life would be miserable. We wouldn’t be able to move at all, nor could we even form simple thoughts. This book talks a bit about what kinds of damage can happen to the frontal lobe, along with treatments for it. This book also talks about various ways we learn, and which methods work better than others. This guide will also give you some nifty, worthwhile speed-reading strategies. While also teaching you about ways to improve your focus and memory.What is neurogenesis, and how can it increase my brain? Can it help recover an aging brain? Can some aspects of it be increased? Does melatonin affect in any way? What does this mean for Alzheimer’s? The answers to these questions lie within these pages.Neuroplasticity, what is it, what is its origin? Neuroplasticity is kinda like the wiring for your brain, it’s what helps form habits and organize your brain. Learn how to enhance it using the four pillars of brain physical fitness. Learn how to use it to treat eating disorders. Find out how it is used in Neuromuscular Scoliosis in Spastic Paralysis. What are you waiting for? Buy this book and improve your brain now!

Neuroplasticity Jane Hampton

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Self Publisher 2019
ISBN: 9788835332787
Idioma: Español
Formatos: PDF EPUB KINDLE, compatible con Windows, Andriod, Mac, iOS y otros

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Jane Hampton

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