My Artbook por Toni Iskulehto

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A lot of photos taken with a camera were found over the years, most of the photos were quite successful. I noticed that more photos were taken from certain years than from other years, but luckily I was able to put some of the art I made on these pages and above all pictures of the works of art that no longer exist.<br/> At the beginning of 2021, I photographed a large part of the artworks in this book and attached photos taken years before that were stored on a memory stick and computer. While putting photos from the computer into a book, I noticed that some photos, mainly in some paintings, the colors did not correspond to the same color as the original painting, so I left such photos out. I wanted the pictures to be as original as possible.<br/> When I composed the pictures for this book, I thought about how the pictures should be presented and I concluded that the bigger the better. I tried that in some photos the image quality was such that the image corresponds more to the original when it can be presented in a larger size, while in some photos it was enough to present the image in a slightly smaller size.<br/> When the pictures were in place, I thought about what to say about the pictures. There was a lot to tell from each picture, but the more I told, the less I felt I should tell. I ended up telling the story of the work: «With the name of the work in quotation marks».<br/> Still, in several works I told something else and at the same time in many works of art it dawned on me why I made that work? Where have I done? In what state of mind have I done? What the hell symbols have I drawn there? Why have I ever given such a name to a work? And so on…<br/> And when more and more I had photographed and written names for the works of art, it struck me that this is how I have described my life through art. I guess this is my art book!

My Artbook Toni Iskulehto

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Toni Iskulehto

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