Discover Physics por Benjamin Crowell

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Since birth, you’ve wanted to discover things. You started out by putting every available object in your mouth. Later you began asking the grownups all those “why” questions. None of this makes you unique — humans are naturally curious animals. What’s unusual is that you’ve decided to take a physics course. There are easier ways to satisfy a science requirement, so evidently, you’re one of those uncommon people who has retained the habit of curiosity into adulthood, and you’re willing to tackle a subject that requires sustained intellectual effort. Bravo!Contents: The Rules of the RulesA Preview of Noether’s Theorem1.3 What Are The Symmetries?Lab 1a: ScalingThe Ray Model of LightRays Don’t RustTime-Reversal SymmetryThe Speed of LightReflection Lab 2a: Time-Reversal and ReflectionLab 2b: Models of LightLab 2c: The Speed of Light in MatterReal and Virtual ImagesAngular MagnificationLab 3a: ImagesLab 3b: A Real ImageLab 3c: LensesLab 3d: The TelescopeConservation of Mass Conservation of EnergyNewton’s Law of GravityNoether’s Theorem for EnergyEquivalence of Mass and Energy Lab 4a: Conservation LawsLab 4b: Conservation of Energy Conservation of MomentumTranslation Symmetry The Strong Principle of InertiaMomentumLab 5a: InteractionsLab 5b: Frames of ReferenceLab 5c: Conservation of MomentumLab 5d: Conservation of Angular Momentum.The Principle of RelativityDistortion of Time and Space Combination of velocitiesEquivalence of mass and energyElectricity and MagnetismElectrical InteractionsNewton’s questCharge and electric fieldCircuitsVoltage,ResistanceElectromagnetism Magnetic interactions Relativity requires magnetismMagnetic fields,Electromagnetic signalsWhat’s Left? Lab 7a: ChargeLab 7b: Electrical Measurements Lab 7c: Is Charge Conserved?Lab 7d: CircuitsLab 7e: Electric FieldsLab 7f: Magnetic FieldsLab 7g: Induction Lab 7h: Light Waves Lab 7i: Electron Waves

Discover Physics Benjamin Crowell

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Studium Publishing 2018
ISBN: 9788027242832
Idioma: Español
Formatos: PDF EPUB KINDLE, compatible con Windows, Andriod, Mac, iOS y otros

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Benjamin Crowell

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