Black Bartlemy’s Treasure por Jeffrey Farnol

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OF WHAT BEFELL ON PEMBURY HILLIt was a night of tempest with rain and wind, a great wild wind that shouted mightily near and far, filling the world with halloo; while, ever and anon, thunder crashed and lightning flamed athwart the muddy road that wound steeply up betwixt grassy banks topped by swaying trees. Broken twigs, whirling down the wind, smote me in the dark, fallen branches reached out arms that grappled me unseen, but I held on steadfastly, since every stride carried me nearer to vengeance, that vengeance for the which I prayed and lived. So with bared head lifted exulting to the tempest and grasping the stout hedge-stake that served me for staff, I climbed the long ascent of Pembury Hill.Reaching the summit at last I must needs stay awhile to catch my breath and shelter me as well as I might ‘neath the weather bank, for upon this eminence the rain lashed and the wind smote me with a fury redoubled.And now, as I stood amid that howling darkness, my back propped by the bank, my face lifted to the tempest, I was aware of a strange sound, very shrill and fitful, that reached me ‘twixt the booming wind-gusts, a sound that came and went, now loud and clear, anon faint and remote, and I wondered what it might be. Then the rushing dark was split asunder by a jagged lightning-flash, and I saw. Stark against the glare rose black shaft and crossbeam, wherefrom swung a creaking shape of rusty chains and iron bands that held together something shrivelled and black and wet with rain, a grisly thing that leapt on the buffeting wind, that strove and jerked as it would fain break free and hurl itself down upon me. 

Acerca de Jeffrey Farnol

Jeffery Farnol’s life calling seemed etched in art. He attended the Westminster Art School in London, and then moved to the United States where he married into the family of American scenic painter Hughson Hawley. While in the States he wrote his first two novels, one being Broad Highway, before returning to England where he continued to write fiction. He was born in Birmingham, England on February 10, 1878, and when he died in 1952 his ashes were scattered along The Long Man of Wilmington.

Black Bartlemy's Treasure Jeffrey Farnol

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Charles Fred 2020
ISBN: 9791220237017
Idioma: Español
Formatos: PDF EPUB KINDLE, compatible con Windows, Andriod, Mac, iOS y otros

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Jeffrey Farnol

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