Be Mama’s Good Boy por Laura Lovecraft

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Beth has always called DJ ‘Mama’s good boy.’ An endearing expression, and one she still uses even though he’s now an adult. Lately, for some reason, he’s been getting upset when she says it. But Beth has bigger problems; like her husband cheating on her. When she discovers DJ’s having sexual fantasies about her, Beth decides it’s time for her son to once again be Mama’s good boy: in every way!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~»That’s why you were so freaked out over this dress, isn’t it?» Beth demanded. «What’s the matter, seeing me dress like the whores in these movies really get you hot for me?»»Mom, I don’t want you!» He put his hands up. «I’m sorry, I know this is creepy and weird, but…»»You don’t want me?» Beth laughed. «You really are your father’s son!»»Huh?»»Never mind!» Beth snapped. «But that’s it isn’t? You had the nerve to act like you were offended I was going out like this and it was turning you on!»»No!»»You’ve done this before!» Beth’s voice was rising as she gestured wildly at the bed. «You come in here when we’re not home and play with my lingerie!»When DJ lowered his head, she laughed harshly.»Yeah, can’t even lie can you? Bet you’ve jerked off all over my clothes then washed them and put them back, haven’t you?»»Mom, don’t talk like that.» He pointed to her. «You’re mad and I don’t blame you, but let’s talk about this tomorrow.»»We talk about it now!» She grabbed the t-shirt he’d just picked up and tried to slip on away from him. «You stay right where you are, naked on mommy’s bed. Are you still hard under there? Is me yelling at you getting you excited?»»Mom, don’t say things like that.»»Did you sit there thinking about me in this dress? Think about guys looking at your mother and wanting her??»DJ started to speak, but she pressed her fingers to his lips.»You get nastier than that» You think about me lifting this dress and bending over something so you can take me?»DJ shook his head, but his eyes were on her breasts which, with her leaning over, were close to falling out. Beth saw what he was doing and smirked.»Like them? You think about pulling my top down? Maybe giving mommy a pearl necklace?»His eyes widened and she laughed again.»What, you don’t think I like to talk dirty? Bet I act pretty dirty in all your nasty little fantasies don’t I?»Beth shoved him back into the pillows. «Bet just me talking like that has you hot doesn’t it?»»No,» he said weakly shaking his head.»No?» Beth raised her eyebrows at him. «You don’t want me calling you mama’s good boy anymore because it turns you on.»»Mom,»»Mom? Why not call me Mama? Like that boy in the movie? How many times you watch it? Jerk off to it? So many times that I can’t call you what I have since you were able to talk because now an affectionate expression has turned into something dirty for you?»Beth paused in her ranting to catch her breath and try to calm down. Her anger wasn’t just at him, but had become an outlet for her frustration over being betrayed by her husband.  Now here she was yelling at her son who she had just discovered had some kind of misplaced sexual desire for her, or if not an outright desire, an outlet for some weird taboo fetish he’d developed…

Be Mama's Good Boy Laura Lovecraft

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Boruma Publishing 2018
ISBN: 9780463932582
Idioma: Español
Formatos: PDF EPUB KINDLE, compatible con Windows, Andriod, Mac, iOS y otros

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Laura Lovecraft

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